SD Labs Vehicle Best Value Guarantee

We guarantee that we’ll match the price you can find in your market for autonomous-ready vehicles, and give you a £5000 discount in addition if we don’t.

The following terms and conditions and Q&A should help you understand if you are eligible for a discount on our standard prices, but please get in touch to speak to one of the team.

Popular Questions

How does SD Labs set prices on its vehicle platforms?

Since 2016 we’ve been developing a stack of technology that brings the safest, best-value, drive-by-wire retro-fit autonomous-ready vehicle platforms to the market. We take pride in every aspect of what we do, from the expertise we’ve put into our functional safety analysis and system design, to the fit and finish of our vehicle interiors. 

SD Labs’ overall strategy has always focused on developing the lowest-cost approach to solving autonomy, meaning that we deliberately keep our prices low when compared to the quality of the technology that is integrated into our vehicles.

How does SD Labs ensure its prices are always competitive?

We try our best to keep updated on similar offerings around the world, comparing them to StreetDrone’s drive-by-wire conversions, and autonomous technology integrations. You might find lower prices elsewhere, and we don’t expect these to be comparable in technology terms, but we do welcome the conversation to ensure you get the best price. 

What if you prefer what we offer but want to discuss a similar price?

We will compare what you need against what you have been offered. It’s really easy – Just contact us in one of the following ways:

  • Complete the contact form on our website
  • Call our SD Labs sales team at  +44 (0)7972 786027 or +44 (0)7955 590331


Best Price Guarantee Rules and Regulations – our assessment

At SD Labs we promise to match the price of any substantially similar vehicle products across our vehicle range and give you a £5000 reduction on that matched price. The following outlines how we will assess a competitor’s offering and against what criteria.

Of course, with any complex product, there will be areas where our competitors offer differing values. We’ll write a brief report on our thoughts and share this with you at the same time as providing you with a detailed proposal on our StreetDrone vehicle products.


The price offered must be in the same geography as the price we are offering.

Vehicle platform

The “donor” vehicle must be in the same vehicle class as that offered by a competitor and have substantially similar features and drivetrain.


The conversion of the donor vehicle must offer a substantially similar capability with regard to its drive-by-wire and functional safety capability. This includes control of brake, steering, throttle, ancillaries (e.g. horn, lights, indicators) with a robust, non-hack system. The system must have similar drive-by-wire takeover and safety methods, including driver disable via brake, steer, throttle and multiple button inputs.

Sensors and Computation

The competitors’ product must offer, included in the price, a similar set and standard of sensors (including cameras, LiDAR, RADAR and ultrasonic sensors) and computation as StreetDrone’s vehicle platform and specified offer.

Data and auxiliary equipment

StreetDrone’s base vehicle price includes 4TB data storage, wireless connectivity, computation mounting, power electronics, engineer screens, custom wiring looms. We will consider matching a competitor price so long as their offering is similar in scope to our own.

Safety driver and engineer interface

We believe that the interface between the safety driver and vehicle is an essential part of the overall autonomous vehicle system safety. The compared offer should have comparable safety ethos including SAE architecture level, operational design domain and safety driver takeover methods

Licences, upgrades and ongoing charges

SD Labs does not charge for on-going licence fees for the use of its drive-by-wire system, or of the software that communicates between the car and any self-driving software running on the computation.

Support and Training

Any offered support or training offered by the competitor at its price should be comparable with that offered by Sd Labs in its specification.