StreetDrone XCU available through SD Labs

The functionally-safe, retrofit, drive-by-wire kit for autonomous and teleoperated vehicles. Available on the Renault Twizy, Nissan e-NV200 and bespoke options


Introducing StreetDrone XCU2 and XCU4 - now available through the SD Labs team

Developing safe connected, autonomous and teleoperated vehicles is hard and time consuming. What-is-more, interfacing safely with an autonomous vehicle is a severely underpublicised industry challenge, and hard to solve without specialist skills.

Our expert automotive control team has developed an industry leading retrofit drive-by-wire concept to solve this problem. With flexibility to fit our solution to any vehicle type, make or model, whether a new build or as a retrofit kit, and with safety at it’s front and centre, StreetDrone XCU2 is the leading vehicle autonomous vehicle control system kit available on the market today.

Read on to discover our XCU options, and our supported vehicles and technologies.


Industry Leading Vehicle Control

Our expert team, led by technical director Ian Murphy, has developed a control system specifically for autonomous and teleoperated vehicle applications. 

With industry best practice principles in mind (ISO26262 and similar), StreetDrone offers a reliable and robust method to take control of key vehicle functions and ancillaries. Our system has 2 variants upon different operational design domains, and can be integrated on any vehicle:

XCU2 – our system designed for R&D with a safety driver in the loop

XCU4 – our redundant actuator system for driverless activities in certain operational design domains – in development

All systems are in line with our recent 2020 safety report



Discover our XCU-based products


SD Twizy

Featuring XCU-2, perfect for R&D, universities and proof of concepts

SD e-NV200

Featuring XCU-2, refine and scale your automated or teleoperated vehicle fleet


SD Bespoke

Build to your own use-case, with our custom vehicle XCU integration service


XCU Benefits

A control system purpose built for teleoperated, and automated technologies, the retro-fit XCU has significant benefits that your automated fleet can realise today:

Functional safety you can trust

Our XCU systems are built to industry best practice including ISO, PAS and similar, all led by our functional safety expert and technical director Ian Murphy. These systems include redundant system checks and validated safety driver takeovers.

Rely on StreetDrone to deliver safe vehicle control, so that you can focus on getting the most out of your vehicle fleet.

Fully supported by the SD Labs team

All of our XCU deployments come bundled with maintenance and support, to ensure that your vehicles stay on the road and rolling.

With native ROS compatibility, regular updates and access to our expert engineering support, we’ll work to ensure that you get the most out of your teleoperated or autonomous vehicle programme.


Flexible and Scalable

Our retrofit drive-by-wire solution means that we can fit our system to any vehicle.

Not only does this mean that we can work with existing fleet assets, but we can also scale teleoperated and automated to new form factors, with our scalable XCU architecture.

Our architecture also leaves OEM systems alone, so there’s no hacking or reverse engineering throuhgout


2020 Safety Report

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